Updating My Blogroll Page

1 minute read

My computer broke, which means I lost all of my RSS feeds (I had been using Thunderbird, and I didn’t back up the file online). I decided to do some spring cleaning, and I recreated my reading list using Feedly– removing a lot of blogs that no longer interested me in the process.

Partly to backup my reading list, and partly because I wanted to share this list with the world (it can be really hard to find interesting blogs on the internet), I uploaded the new reading list onto my blogroll page. If you are every looking for interesting articles/blogs to read, my blogroll page is a really good place to start.

To create the page, I used a sloppy regex to convert the OPML file to a markdown file. In case I have to do this again, here is the regex:

<outline type="rss" text=\"(([A-z]|\(|\)| +|,|!|\||\.|'|\&|\;|ç|\-|–|’|[0-9]|\:)+)" title="([A-z]|\(|\)| +|,|\.|\-|!|\||’|'|ç|\&|\;|–|[0-9]|\:)+" xmlUrl="(([A-z]| +|,|!|@|\||[0-9]|'|\&|\;|\:|\/|\.|\-|\?|\=)+)" htmlUrl="(([A-z]| +|,|@|!|\||[0-9]|'|\&|\;|\:|\/|\.|\-|\?|\=)+)"\/\>

\n[$1]($6) ([rss]($4))

I used the website RegExr to do this. I’m thinking about creating a tools page to highlight some of the more useful online tools I use.