6 Innovative Browser Games That Push the Limits of Game Design

1 minute read

I’ve become really interested in game design lately, and at some point I want to create my own games. This post is just a place for me to store links to interesting games, so that I have some inspiration when I start writing or creating games.

  1. Unmanned

    Really good game that does a great job conveying the emotions and feelings behind automated warfare. In particular, it’s use of a split screen–the player has to complete two tasks at once–did an excellent job of conveying the inhuminising sensation of flying a drone.

  2. Queers at the End of the World

    Really impressed with this interactive story: I love the way its timer effects our ability to read/interact with the text.

  3. Symon

    I didn’t particularly enjoy playing this game, but I think it is a really interesting concept that perhaps could have been better implemented. One definition of games is that they’re made of rules: e.g. chess, soccer, scrabble. The idea of “dream logic”–that dreams are governed by logical rules–therefore lends itself well to game design. I would really be interested in seeing a game that does a better job implementing some of the ideas in Symon.

  4. With Those We Love Alive

    This game had a lot of weaknesses, but it also contained some very interesting ideas, such as the fact that players are asked to draw signs on their own arms as they play.

  5. Aisle

    I loved this game: it’s short, simple, but powerful. This is an interactive fiction game where you can make only one move, but you have over two hundred possibilities to chose from.

  6. Suveh Nux

    I really enjoyed the language based puzzles in this game.

I will be adding to this list as time goes on. See something missing from the list? Send me an email.