Weekly Link Roundup: September 12th

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Welcome to my first weekly link roundup. It’s a collection of the most interesting articles I’ve read last week. If it goes well, I’ll do it again next week. Hope you enjoy!

A Trip Through Game Boy History in 15 Games – Trip World

This, coupled with the game’s incredible animation, makes it an absolute delight to try and see exactly how everything will react to you. Enemies are gorgeously detailed and feel alive, and their body language contributes as much to their abundant personality as their behavior does. Will this one want to be friendly with me? Is this one a bully here to get in my way? Is this one just existing in its natural environment and curious about why I’m here?

These are all behaviors you can miss if you elect to play this game like an ordinary platformer, and they’re all what compose the very heart and soul of Trip World. In Mario, we feel good when we step on a Goomba’s head and squish him on our way to the goal, but what if he weren’t so intimidating? What if he just wanted to be your friend? What if we were allowed to touch without harm? Wordlessly, Trip World answers these kinds of questions with excellent visual storytelling and interaction that allows you to feel the sum of this adventure within the span of a few seconds.

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