Link Roundup: September 25th

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Hi everyone! The last link roundup went relatively well, in that I enjoyed doing it and it was a easy way to put content on the site. The one thing I decided to change was to make it biweekly, but other than that I’m going to commit to doing it!

Happy reading!

  1. What O. J. Simpson Means to Me

  2. How Breitbart Conquered the Media

  3. Alavés return from the abyss and rebel against reality to tame Barcelona

    Some really good sports writing.

  4. Paying the Price: A Review

    What if we rebuilt the [US higher education] financial aid system around the ways that students actually live? Sara Goldrick-Rab takes an admirable shot in Paying the Price.

  5. The latest capitalist defense of the “liberal arts”–and what all this really means

  6. Meet the Guerrilla Lifeguard Watching Over Toronto’s Late Night Pool Hops

  7. Short, Friendly Parser Puzzle Games

    Really need to find some time to play these.

  8. Barack Obama and Doris Kearns Goodwin: The Ultimate Exit Interview

  9. Developing Team Decision Models

    Everything in there really should be common sense, but sometimes it’s helpful to state the obvious.

CONTENT WARNING: sexual assault.

  1. The Key Medical Question for Trump