I love blogs; every day, I read about twenty blog posts using my preferred RSS application–Feedly. Because I’m always looking for interesting blogs to read, I decided to list (almost) every blog I read on this page. This page was created from an OPML file using regex.

Obviously, the fact that I read a something doesn’t mean that I agree with or endorse it.


LOWERCASE capital (rss) (rss)

et tu, Gamer? (rss)

on (rss)

Tits and Sass — One Big Service Piece (rss)

Stories by Lyman Stone on Medium (rss)

Jon Quixote (rss)

The Grammar of Matter (rss)

Barcelona Football Blog (rss)

Urbanism and the Roman world » Feed (rss)

Eric Coffin-Gould – totalBarça (FC Barcelona) (rss)

DataGenetics (rss)

Confessions of a Community College Dean (rss)

Afroculinaria (rss)

W. Caleb McDaniel (rss)

White Hot Harlots (rss)

Stories by Lori Henson on Medium (rss)

pan kisses kafka (rss)

The Cephalopodiatrist (rss)

Mythology Matters (rss)

Coding Horror (rss)

Juan Mata (rss)

Middle Savagery (rss)

Folgert Karsdorp (rss)

Seeing Calvino (rss)

FusedJaw: Seahorses, Pipefish & Seadragons (rss)

Said & Done | The Guardian (rss)

Emojipedia (rss)

Feedly – Never stop learning (rss)

code is beautiful (rss) (rss)

Historiann (rss)

Hogwarts Professor (rss)

Stories by Anthony Mays on Medium (rss)

Linda Greenhouse (rss)

Simogo (rss)

J. Alexander Branham (rss)

French Politics (rss)

Butterick’s Practical Typography (rss)

beakheads (rss)

Richard the Piano Tuner (rss)

Sid Lowe | The Guardian (rss)

Nathalie Nahai (rss)

Pingdom Royal (rss)

Anthony Bourdain (rss)

Patrick McCray (rss)

Stories by Mark Koyama on Medium (rss)

Editor’s Blog (rss)

Spielverlagerung (rss)

Stories by Luke Thompson on Medium (rss)

Ethnography Matters (rss)

Blogenspiel (rss)

Unsettling America (rss)

FeverBee (rss)

Molleindustria | Radical Games Against the Tyranny of Entertainment (rss)

Liz England (rss)

iA News Feed (rss)

Wide Urban World (rss)

Jessica Hamrick (rss)

BetterExplained (rss)

From Swerve of Shore to Bend of Bay (rss)

The Distant Librarian (rss)

Belle de Neige (rss)

Jewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism (rss)

Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire (rss)

The Podcasters’ Studio - How to Record Audio and Video Podcasts | Learn, Publish, Market, Profit (rss)

Gobbledygook (rss)

Easily Distracted (rss)


Publishing Archaeology (rss)

Bret Victor’s website (rss)

Social Media Collective (rss)

Finnegans, Wake! (rss)

Quantum Rocketry (rss)

Rolling Stone Latest Matt Taibbi News (rss)

Explorations of Style (rss)


Discourse (rss)

Doug’s Archaeology (rss)

UnderstandingSociety (rss)

13 steps (rss)

Stories by Theo Bertram on Medium (rss)

Jimmy Akin (rss)

Emily Short’s Interactive Storytelling (rss)

Daring Fireball: Archive (rss)

Adrian Roselli (rss)

The Madwoman with a Laptop (rss)

Critical Distance (rss)


Ian Bogost (rss)

Ta-Nehisi Coates | The Atlantic (rss)

Failbetter Games (rss)

Paul Modrowski - On the Inside (rss) (rss)

Planned Obsolescence (rss)

Stack Exchange Community Moderator Blog (rss)

Stories by Melissa Giraud on Medium (rss)

Ideas - Planetary Thinking LLC (rss)

Feminist Frequency (rss)

The Best Page in the Universe (rss)

squareglasses blog (rss)

Discover MAM (rss)

Universe Factory - Medium (rss)


Blog - Stack Overflow (rss)

Stories by Adam J Calhoun on Medium (rss)


CCE (rss)

Stories by Tristan Harris on Medium (rss)

The New Libero (rss)

information aesthetics (rss)

Race for the Iron Throne (rss)

Patrick Chovanec (rss)


The Intercept (rss)

London Review of Books (rss)

Granta Magazine (rss)

Nieman Lab (rss)

Dot Earth (rss)

Krebs on Security (rss)

The Chronicle of Higher Education (rss)

Nursing Clio (rss)

The Fibreculture Journal (rss)

Politico Playbook (rss)

LRB blog (rss)

Roads & Kingdoms (rss)

The Volokh Conspiracy (rss)

Intercontinental Cry (rss)

Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog (rss)

The Big Outside (rss)